COSMOS and NATRUE compliant
Cosphaderm®PA-12 and Cosphaderm® E NGM naturale

With Cosphaderm® E NGM natural and Cosphaderm® PA-12, there are two new COSMOS- and NATRUE-compliant raw materials in our portfolio. The two new raw materials offer comprehensive application possibilities in skin and hair care. Cosphaderm® E NGM natural is a COSMOS-approved liquid lysolecithin from soybeans. Lysolecithin is an enzymatically modified derivative of lecithin from which a fatty acid has beehas not

Cosphatec opens new subsidiary in France:
your benefits at a glance

We are pleased to announce that we are opening a new office - Cosphatec SAS Paris. This exciting growth will allow us to be even closer to our customers and offer even better support. A strong commitment to the French market France is one of the largest and most advanced cosmetics markets in the world, particularly in the area of natural ingredients. This dynamic reflects our own philosophy and we are confihas not


The trend towards "natural" products and "organic" quality for consumers is unbroken and has now become established not only in the food sector but also in the cosmetics market. The market for natural and organic cosmetics is booming and consequently also requires concrete protection for consumers to avoid deception and misuse. The NATRUE seal, developed in 2008, is awarded to organic and natural cosmetic has not


The Chinese cosmetics market is one of the fastest growing and largest cosmetics markets in the world. This market must be protected, controlled and managed. This is done in China through the 2020 Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision Regulations. On 1 January 2021 the CSAR (Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulation) came into force and replaces the existing Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision Regulations. It aimhas not
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ISO 9001 certification successfully passed

Cosphatec’s quality management system meets all the criteria of ISO 9001 and our demands on product quality, service promise and customer satisfaction are thus once again confirmed.

100 % Palm free Multifunctional containing rapeseed oil-based glycerine

Cosphaderm® LA-T palm free is a new natural multifunctional belonging to the group of organic acids. With this, we are expanding our portfolio with a variant of our popular and successful Cosphaderm® LA-T. The new blend is 100% palm free. Nevertheless, it has the same versatile properties. It is a multifunctional blend of natural levulinic acid and its sodium salt. It is dissolved in water and rapeseed-basehas not


To improve our own carbon footprint and take the first steps towards becoming a climate-neutral company, we are making our website climate-neutral with Climate Partner.

The ECHA’s new PCN
what do they mean for the cosmetics industry?

New Poison Center Notifications (PCN) unify and simplify the reporting process and the flow of information within the EU.

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