Suppliers of natural cosmetics and beauty start-ups, as well as an increasing number of manufacturers of conventional cosmetics, all rely on natural raw materials. Be it for a large enterprise or newly founded company, Cosphatec is the reliable partner for stabilising modern and natural cosmetics with sustainable, skin-friendly raw materials.

Our products ensure microbial and antioxidative stability as well as stability for emulsions and viscosity. Not only this, but since the company was founded in 2005, we have been pursuing the goal of being more than just a reliable supplier. We want to be a point of contact and collaborator, provide productive advice and develop solutions as a team.

Sustainable raw materials for
high-quality cosmetics

Effectiveness, skin tolerance and naturalness. We select our raw materials based on these criteria in particular. This is why we are extremely cautious in developing our formulas. Cosphatec only uses bio-degradable raw materials that come predominantly from sustainable natural sources.

We travel all over the world in order to meet the high demands of our customers. We achieve this with our locations in Hamburg and Shanghai as well as through international sales partners. Despite global processes, we are proud of our relaxed atmosphere and our high degree of flexibility.

Excellent service, full support

Cosphatec is not only committed to products of the highest quality, but also to excellent service and support. We listen, respond to individual customer requests and always find a solution. Our customers have full access to services from the areas of research and development, quality management, laboratory, regulatory and sales.

Our vision

We want all products with synthetic or questionable ingredients to be able to be replaced by natural alternatives in the future. That’s why we would like to convince those who have had little experience with natural ingredients of the quality of our products.

Cosphatec is the right partner for cosmetics manufacturers of all sizes for a long-term, productive partnership. Because we follow the same principle with our customer relationships as we do with our products: We like to keep things sustainable.

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What makes our products special






What we reject

No parabens

No silicones


No microplastic

No harsh chemicals