100 % Palm free Multifunctional containing rapeseed oil-based glycerine

Cosphaderm® LA-T palm free is a new natural multifunctional belonging to the group of organic acids. With this, we are expanding our portfolio with a variant of our popular and successful Cosphaderm® LA-T. The new blend is 100% palm free. Nevertheless, it has the same versatile properties. It is a multifunctional blend of natural levulinic acid and its sodium salt. It is dissolved in water and rapeseed-basehas not


For cosmetic products, the focus is on crucial requirements regarding their stability, effectiveness and harmlessness. Microbiological stability plays an essential role here, especially when it comes to consumer safety.


To improve our own carbon footprint and take the first steps towards becoming a climate-neutral company, we are making our website climate-neutral with Climate Partner.

The ECHA’s new PCN
what do they mean for the cosmetics industry?

New Poison Center Notifications (PCN) unify and simplify the reporting process and the flow of information within the EU.

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Cosphaderm® Zinc Lactate natural
a versatile natural Multifunctional

Cosphaderm® Zinc Lactate natural is a zinc salt derived from lactic acid and offers the user a number of these benefits. Its strong antimicrobial efficacy in a range of formulations has been demonstrated against a broad spectrum of relevant microorganisms in Challenge Tests.

Cosphaderm® Tapmix
a smart, antioxidant Blend based on Natural Rapeseed Tocopherols

Cosphaderm® Tapmix is a natural, COSMOS-approved anti-oxidative blend comprising rape-tocopherols, ascorbylpalmitate and organic sunflower lecithin. You can use it for protecting the oil phase of the formulation and the membrane lipids of human skin.

Natural Caprylyl Glycol in a Blend
Cosphaderm® Dicapo natural

A true milestone in the field of natural cosmetics has now been reached, since it has become possible to produce caprylyl glycol from completely plant-based raw materials for the very first time. The new COSMOS-approved Cosphaderm Dicapo natural is therefore opening up completely new possibilities for manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics.


As experts in natural preservatives for the cosmetics industry, we are proud to announce that our raw materials officially comply with NATRUE standards. With this additional NATRUE approval, we would like to underline once again our commitment to natural and sustainable raw ingredients. The raw ingredients that satisfy the requirements are labelled with the NATRUE logo. ADVANTAGES FOR OUR CUSTOMERS NATRUE ahas not