RSPO certification: Our commitment to sustainable palm oil production

This year, we have once again successfully passed the annual audit in accordance with the standards of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO.This renewed confirmation underlines our commitment to fairness and sustainability in the procurement of palm oil raw materials. This means that our customers can remain confident that they are receiving products from us that originate from responsible cultivation.

We are a proud member of the RSPO since October 2016 and represent the requirements and intentions of the RSPO Supply Chain Certification System (SCCS). This standard not only ensures compliance with the highest environmental and social standards, but also serves as a guideline for ethical business practices in the palm oil industry.

In the past few years, palm oil consumption has risen continuously worldwide. In Indonesia, over 45 million tonnes of palm oil were harvested in 2023 from an area of 13.8 million hectares. This made Indonesia by far the world’s leading producer of palm oil. We are aware of the far-reaching impact of monocultures and huge oil palm plantations on ecosystems in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

hese destructive deforestation practices not only damage the rainforest, but also displace animal species, destroy plant species and often result in the disrespect of land use rights. As a direct consequence of deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions increase significantly due to the loss of CO2-binding biomass. Our aim is to promote the sustainable cultivation of palm oil and actively oppose the negative effects of ruthless plantation farming.

To gain a deeper insight into our efforts and the background to RSPO certification, we recommend reading our detailed blog post on this RSPO

With your support, we are committed to a more sustainable future and prove that we not only deliver products, but also responsibility. Thank you for your trust in our commitment to fairness, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Take a look at our cooperation with the RSPO here.