100 % Palm free Multifunctional containing rapeseed oil-based glycerine

Cosphaderm® LA-T palm free is a new natural multifunctional belonging to the group of organic acids. With this, we are expanding our portfolio with a variant of our popular and successful Cosphaderm® LA-T. The new blend is 100% palm free. Nevertheless, it has the same versatile properties. It is a multifunctional blend of natural levulinic acid and its sodium salt. It is dissolved in water and rapeseed-based glycerine. This makes it liquid, water soluble and convenient to use in all types of cosmetic formulations.

This combination of a mild organic acid and a classic moisturiser combines skin caring, fragrancing, and moisturising properties. In addition, Cosphaderm® LA-T palm free has a convincing antimicrobial efficacy up to a pH value of 6.0; especially against bacteria.

The glycerine we use is derived from rapeseed oil and 100% palm free. This allows us to use a raw material whose cultivation areas are not limited to the tropics. Because the versatile and resistant rapeseed also grows very well in the more temperate climate zones of Europe and Asia. That helps to protect the threatened tropical rainforests, except the use of certified sustainable palm oil. Thus, a formulation with our Cosphaderm® LA-T palm free is attractive to customers with this awareness.

For a complete antimicrobial efficacy spectrum, we recommend combining Cosphaderm® LA-T palm free with substances that are strong against yeasts and moulds. A proven combination is Cosphaderm® LA-T palm free with Cosphaderm® pAS natural.


COSMOS-certified Label for Tocopherols



Recently, our tocopherols Cosphaderm® T-70 NON GMO ECO and Cosphaderm® T-50 NON GMO ECO have been awarded COSMOS-certified by Ecocert. This label confirms the high quality at organic level. Organic certification for formulations is thus even quicker and easier. The process simplification is likely to be reflected not only in the speed of certification but also in the cost of a cosmetic product.

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