With Cosphaderm® Octiol natural and Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural there are two new natural diols that convince with their strong antimicrobial efficacy. The two COSMOS- and NATRUE-approved multifunctionals offer a wide range of applications in skin and hair care thanks to their pH independence.Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural is a pure, colourless diol with an attractive, newly listed 1,2-heptanediol INCI. It ofhas not

New Products – blends with natural caprylyl glycol

Natural caprylyl glycol (1,2-Octanediol) has very good antimicrobial efficacy and is extremely cost-effective. It is in no way inferior to the synthetic variant and is NATRUE-certified for use in natural cosmetics. As a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient, this emollient also has a moisturising effect as well as skin and hair conditioning properties. The new blends, Cosphaderm® Capo and Cosphaderm® Pocalhas not


The modern way of preserving a product means making a product unattractive for germs but highly attractive for consumers without causing any irritation. In modern cosmetics, mild preservation plays a key role and is more important than ever.

Cosphaderm® Zinc Lactate natural
a versatile natural Multifunctional

Cosphaderm® Zinc Lactate natural is a zinc salt derived from lactic acid and offers the user a number of these benefits. Its strong antimicrobial efficacy in a range of formulations has been demonstrated against a broad spectrum of relevant microorganisms in Challenge Tests.

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Cosphaderm® Tapmix
a smart, antioxidant Blend based on Natural Rapeseed Tocopherols

Cosphaderm® Tapmix is a natural, COSMOS-approved anti-oxidative blend comprising rape-tocopherols, ascorbylpalmitate and organic sunflower lecithin. You can use it for protecting the oil phase of the formulation and the membrane lipids of human skin.

Natural Caprylyl Glycol in a Blend
Cosphaderm® Dicapo natural

A true milestone in the field of natural cosmetics has now been reached, since it has become possible to produce caprylyl glycol from completely plant-based raw materials for the very first time. The new COSMOS-approved Cosphaderm Dicapo natural is therefore opening up completely new possibilities for manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics.

TOCOPHEROL – the most powerful natural antioxidant

We demonstrate the difference between mixed tocopherols and alpha-tocopherol and show why we recommend natural tocopherols.

Anisic Acid – How to work with this easy to use natural multifunctional

Anisic Acid is a powerful antimicrobial against yeasts and molds at a skin-neutral pH value of 5.5. Originating from Star Anise, our Cosphaderm® pAS natural is sourced from 100% natural and sustainable sources and COSMOS-approved. See all the outstanding characteristics and the easiest workflow of this powerful natural multifunctional in this video.