COSMOS and NATRUE compliant
Cosphaderm®PA-12 and Cosphaderm® E NGM naturale

With Cosphaderm® E NGM natural and Cosphaderm® PA-12, there are two new COSMOS- and NATRUE-compliant raw materials in our portfolio. The two new raw materials offer comprehensive application possibilities in skin and hair care.

Cosphaderm® E NGM natural is a COSMOS-approved liquid lysolecithin from soybeans. Lysolecithin is an enzymatically modified derivative of lecithin from which a fatty acid has been removed. This offers improved emulsifying and dispersing properties in aqueous environments and thus a higher water-binding capacity. Due to their strong hydrophilic character, lysolecithins are ideal co-emulsifiers for O/W emulsions with high water content. In addition to its function as a co-emulsifier, Cosphaderm® E NGM natural thus also contributes to improved hair combability in conditioners and to a light and silky skin feel in leave-on formulations.

Cosphaderm® PA-12 is a new active, or more precisely a new organic acid, in our portfolio of natural raw materials. It is a powder product consisting of the sodium salt of phytic acid, which acts as a powerful natural chelating agent and is effective over a wide pH range. Cosphaderm® PA-12 is derived from the soaking water of corn bran, and is completely natural. Like other chelating agents, phytic acid can contribute to preservation strategies by sequestering physiologically important metal ions. Its chelating properties also provide an antioxidant function by preventing the formation of reactive oxygen species while reducing the discoloration of cosmetic products.

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