Cosphaderm® Tapmix
a smart, antioxidant Blend based on Natural Rapeseed Tocopherols

Cosphaderm® Tapmix is a natural, COSMOS-approved anti-oxidative blend comprising rape-tocopherols, ascorbylpalmitate and organic sunflower lecithin. You can use it for protecting the oil phase of the formulation and the membrane lipids of human skin.

Natural Caprylyl Glycol in a Blend
Cosphaderm® Dicapo natural

A true milestone in the field of natural cosmetics has now been reached, since it has become possible to produce caprylyl glycol from completely plant-based raw materials for the very first time. The new COSMOS-approved Cosphaderm Dicapo natural is therefore opening up completely new possibilities for manufacturers of certified natural cosmetics.


As experts in natural preservatives for the cosmetics industry, we are proud to announce that our raw materials officially comply with NATRUE standards. With this additional NATRUE approval, we would like to underline once again our commitment to natural and sustainable raw ingredients. The raw ingredients that satisfy the requirements are labelled with the NATRUE logo. ADVANTAGES FOR OUR CUSTOMERS NATRUE ahas not

RSPO certification passed with flying colours

It thrills us to announce that in the first week of 2021, we received the news that we have achieved the annual renewal of our RSPO certification. This means our customers can continue to rest assured that we source our raw palm oil materials in a completely fair and sustainable manner. The comprehensive audit took place in December 2020. This year the auditors once again highlighted our exemplary docuhas not
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TOCOPHEROL – the most powerful natural antioxidant

We demonstrate the difference between mixed tocopherols and alpha-tocopherol and show why we recommend natural tocopherols.

The combination of different antimicrobial substances

We always determine the perfect blend of antimicrobial active raw materials for cosmetic formulations of our customers. In our video, we show a few short tips and thoughts on what we need to achieve the perfect combination.


Plastic makes its way into all areas of our lives including many everyday objects, particularly packaging, where it is mainly superfluous.

New Partnership with Canadian Distributor Andicor Specialty Chemicals

With Andicor as an industry leader in the sales and distribution of specialty chemicals and rigid packaging solutions across Canada, we aim to expand our portfolio of natural products and pass on our expertise and level of service quality in this area.