RSPO certification passed with flying colours

It thrills us to announce that in the first week of 2021, we received the news that we have achieved the annual renewal of our RSPO certification. This means our customers can continue to rest assured that we source our raw palm oil materials in a completely fair and sustainable manner.

The comprehensive audit took place in December 2020. This year the auditors once again highlighted our exemplary documentation and smooth cooperation.

Certification of our palm oil is important to us not only from a sales point of view; monocultures and huge oil palm plantations are destroying vast areas of rainforest in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Reckless cultivation has a huge impact on the plants, animals and indigenous peoples living there.

However, the oil palm is also the most profitable crop and the quantity of natural oil obtained from a hectare of oil palms is many times that obtained from other plants. For this reason, it is still not possible today to avoid them completely.

This makes it even more important to be conscious of sustainable cultivation when importing and processing palm oil. If you would like to learn more about the topic, we recommend our blog post on RSPO – ROUNDTABLE ON SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL and its background.

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