Cosphaderm® Magnolia Extract 98 – Video Tutorial for easy-to-use workflows

Cosphaderm® Magnolia Extract 98 is a great antimicrobial against germs, in particular yeasts and moulds. It hast various active and healing properties.

But, if you want to incorporate the hydrophobic extract into a cosmetic formulation, it seems to be difficult. The extract is strongly non-polar and therefore insoluble in water. But it has to be brought into the water phase, as this is the phase attractive for germs, and the phase the preservative has to have an antimicrobial effect.

The solution is simple and anything but complicated. We use pentylene glycol as a solubilizer. Pentylene glycol is soluble in water as well as in oil and acts like a bridge for the Magnolia extract to pass from the oil to the water phase. And now, when we put the Magnolia Exctract 98 / Pentylene Glycol solution in water, the extract does not precipitate. If you want to use the Magnolia Extract for its antimicrobial properties and thus for product protection, it is important to use a solubilizer. Only through this it can show its full antimicrobial potential.

See in our video, how easy to use Cosphaderm® Magnolia Extract is:
What are the special active properties of Magnolia Extract 98?

Cosphaderm Magnolia Extract 98 is obtained from the bark of the magnolia tree by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and ethanolically recrystallization. With this method, we get an extract comprising 49 % each of the two active ingredients Honokiol and Magnolol. Because of this purification step powder is white and pure – not a classic coloured extract which could lead to discolouration of the final cosmetic product. In addition, our extract is reproducible in pure quality.

Its efficiency is outstandingly strong against acne germs that cause itching as well as against caries and periodontitis germs. Additionally, it is a strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing remedy.

We absolutely recommend our Cosphaderm® Magnolia Extract 98. Applied in the right way, it is a perfect, reproducible preservative with great healing capacities.

If you want to know more about the Cosphaderm® Magnolia Extract 98, have a look at our other Story. Here you find e.g. some data about MIC and some useful information about efficacy against specific germs.