Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS – the evolution of proven multifunctional natural substances

Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS is a water-soluble mixture of sodium anisate and levulinate with a strong antimicrobial effect against bacteria, yeasts and moulds as well as skin-caring properties.

For decades, the corresponding acids (levulinic acid and anisic acid) have proven themselves, as they are very mild and well tolerated despite their strong effectiveness and versatility. A major disadvantage of acids, however, is their poor water solubility. An aqueous mixture of glycerine, water, sodium levulinate and anisate has been available for a long time and can be easily incorporated into the water phase, but it does have some disadvantages. The concentration of active ingredients is low and a polyol (glycerine) is also part of the mixture, which is often made from palm oil.


For the first time, Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS combines the advantages of Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS can combine the advantages of the acids with those of the aqueous mixture. The application concentration, packaging requirements, storage costs and emission values during shipping can be reduced to ¼ compared to aqueous mixtures and Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS is guaranteed palm oil-free.acids with those of an aqueous mixture (Fig. 1): The water solubility is 15 times higher than the recommended concentration for use, making it extremely user-friendly – significantly reducing the ecological footprint. Compared to the aqueous mixture, the concentration of active substances is increased by 400%. This reduces the concentration of use to ¼, lowers storage and packaging costs and protects the environment. A solvent-modifying polyol is no longer required, so that Sodium LAAS is guaranteed to be free of palm oil.

It is the small details that make Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS innovative. To prevent segregation of the two salts (Brazil nut effect due to inhomogeneous particle sizes), Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS is produced in a spray-drying process, so that each individual particle consists of the perfect mixture and segregation is impossible.

The use is very simple. Add 1% Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS to the water phase, continue formulation and adjust pH in the final step. There are no restrictions. Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS can be used in emulsions, lotions, shampoos, shower gels, deodorants, face masks, decorative cosmetics and household products. Its very high compatibility is worth highlighting, making it the ideal solution for sensitive skin and baby products. In the European Cosmetic Decree, neither of these ingredients are listed as preservatives, nor are they limited in their application concentration.

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