New Products – blends with natural caprylyl glycol

Natural caprylyl glycol (1,2-Octanediol) has very good antimicrobial efficacy and is extremely cost-effective. It is in no way inferior to the synthetic variant and is NATRUE-certified for use in natural cosmetics. As a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient, this emollient also has a moisturising effect as well as skin and hair conditioning properties.

The new blends, Cosphaderm® Capo and Cosphaderm® Pocal, combine caprylyl glycol with propanediol, which keeps the mixture in solution, enhancing its moisturising and emollient properties.

This means that it does not need to be specially melted and is particularly easy to apply.

Both blends are extremely mild yet provide efficient antimicrobial protection against bacteria, yeasts and moulds. They can be used across a broad pH spectrum, with Cosphaderm® Capo even being suited for pH-independent use.

The Cosphaderm® Pocal blend also contains caprylhydroxamic acid. This chelating agent additionally stabilises the cosmetic formulation against metal ion-induced oxidation.

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