In addition to Cosphaderm® Pentiol natural and Cosphaderm® Propanediol natural, there has recently been an expansion of the portfolio with two more natural diols with strong antimicrobial activity: Cosphaderm® Octiol natural and Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural. Our latest product launch, Cosphaderm® Hexiol natural, further expands our portfolio of natural COSMOS and NATRUE compliant diols.

Cosphaderm® Hexiol natural is a transparent and odourless diol of natural origin with the INCI 1,2- hexanediol. Two adjacent OH groups and a short carbon chain allow unlimited solubility in water. As a multifunctional, its pH-independent antimicrobial activity should be emphasised in addition to its function as a humectant. Cosphaderm® Hexiol natural also shows remarkable synergistic effects in combination with other antimicrobial substances, allowing the total amount of preservative to be minimised.

Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural is a pure, colourless diol with an attractive, newly listed 1,2-heptanediol INCI. It offers a remarkable clear solubility of up to 1% in water and is excellent for use as a humectant and moisturiser in almost all types of formulations. Due to its chemical structure, built up from an alkyl chain with seven carbon atoms, the diol is liquid at room temperature. This means that there is no need for melting, which makes for easy and fast processing. In addition, Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural offers strong antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of relevant microorganisms even at low application concentrations of 0.8 – 1.0 %. The product offers any number of combination possibilities with other raw materials. Remarkable synergistic effects result from combinations with other antimicrobial multifunctional agents.

Cosphaderm® Octiol natural consists of natural caprylyl glycol, which is extracted from the oil palm.  The medium-chain diol is soluble in water up to 0.5% and has moisturising and skin-caring properties. Cosphaderm® Octiol natural is the most antimicrobial water-soluble diol in the Cosphatec product portfolio. With an even lower application concentration of 0.3 to 0.5 %, it produces highly efficient strong antimicrobial protection against bacteria, yeasts and moulds. At the same time, it thus offers the possibility of minimising the total amount of combined preservatives.

Uncompromising effectiveness

The synthetic diols can be optimally replaced by the natural diols. The challenge tests show that there is no significant difference in effectiveness against bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

Cosphaderm® Octiol
Cosphaderm® Octiol natural
Octiol natural

In addition, both natural diols can be used to stabilise O/W emulsions by reducing the droplet size. Like the other diols in the Cosphaderm® range, the two new additions can be combined with other raw materials as desired. For example, to increase efficacy against moulds, Cosphaderm® Heptiol natural can be mixed with Cosphaderm® pAS natural.

Heptiol natural
Heptiol natural_ pas natural


Like all diols in the Cosphatec portfolio, Cosphaderm® Hexiol natural has pH-independent antimicrobial activity and is suitable for a variety of different formulation types. The antimicrobial effectiveness at higher pH values (pH 7) as well as in a surfactant-based formulation (shower gel) can be seen exemplarily in the following Challenge Tests. Both Challenge Tests were performed according to ISO 11930 and passed with a B or A criterion.

Basis of_w Hexiol natural
KBT_Shower Gel


The choice of diol depends on the formulation itself and the individual wishes of the end product.

We are always available for individual advice and more information.