Cosphaderm® Xanthan Gums – vegan, clear and easy to use, for a smooth skin feeling

Xanthan Gums are essential for various cosmetic products. In our video, we will show how you can achieve a vegan product, crystal-clear fluid, great skin feeling and perfect solubility.

Watch our video, to see all the highlights of our Cosphaderm® Xanthan Gums:

Generated by bio fermentation, our product is a plant-derived polysaccharide with highly transparent and vegan properties. The advantage of Xanthan Gum is that viscosity decreases under increasing shear forces. This effect is important for applications like foams or emulsions and allows an easy, smooth spread of cream on the skin.

Unique for our Cosphaderm® Xanthan Gums is that the pH value does not influence the viscosity. Even at extremely low or high pH values, like pH 1.0 or pH 13.0. They are always showing the same viscosity and yield depending on the shear forces. This makes ours flexible in any applications and under any conditions.

Our products are also very salt-tolerant, which plays a decisive role in using anionic and cationic surfactants. With an increasing concentration up to about 0.85 % NaCl in the solution, it even increases the viscosity. At least with a further increase in concentration, the viscosity decreases slowly up to very high salt concentrations of about 9-10 % NaCl.

With its high pH tolerance, and the high tolerance in the presence of salts and alcohols, our Xanthan Gums create an emulsion stability 8 times higher and less phase separation in water-oil emulsions.


Logo_Ecocert_COSMOS approved

Cosphaderm® Xanthan Gums fulfil all certifications, and also they are COSMOS-approved as all our core products are.

Our raw materials come in sand grain consistency or fine powder. It does not clump, produces a transparent solution, has a very good water solubility, and dissolves quickly into a high viscous structure. Competing products first clump, take much longer to gel and become cloudy.

We did tests to prove the instant solubility into transparent viscous fluids – perfect for every production.

Ideal for getting that silky, smooth gelatinous consistency – without being sticky like other products – our vegan Cosphaderm® Xanthan Gums can be applied in all cosmetic products. Apart from our Xanthan Gums´ excellent sensorial characteristics, such as reduced stickiness and creating a silky skin feeling, our Xanthan Gums outperform the standard products also in dissolution rate, transparency and stability.