What we do

Cosphatec takes care of skin tolerance and of nature at the same time. We use bio-degradable raw materials that are derived from sustainable and natural sources. These are all tested according to the highest German quality standards to guarantee the best possible effect on the skin.

All of our raw materials are vegan and do not contain any GMO.
The core products are approved by COSMOS and we source our palm oil strictly following RSPO standards.
All Cosphatec raw materials reliably cover the essential needs of cosmetic formulators: microbial stability, antioxidative stability as well as stability for emulsions and viscosity.

Benefit from natural stability for modern cosmetics!


Natural Tocopherol-Mixtures

Our Cosphaderm® Tocopherols are known as the most powerful natural antioxidants with an effective mix of alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherols. All of them are 100 % naturally sourced. Qualities diluted in organic sunflower make them the first choice for formulators. Boost the antioxidative effect for higher stability and add our Cosphaderm® AP.

Cosphaderm® AP

Ascorbyl Palmitate
Corn, Palm oil
Antioxidant, Whitening
The use of Caprylhydroxamic Acid for preservation of certain cosmetic formulations is described in US Patent 8,993,641 as well as US Patent 10,897,899.
Certain types of use of Heptyl Undecylenate sourced from natural origin are protected by European Patents no. EP2323969 and EP3311792.