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      What we do

      Cosphatec takes care of skin tolerance and of nature at the same time. We use bio-degradable raw materials that are derived from sustainable and natural sources. These are all tested according to the highest German quality standards to guarantee the best possible effect on the skin.

      All of our raw materials are vegan and do not contain any GMO.
      The core products are approved by COSMOS and we source our palm oil strictly following RSPO standards.
      All Cosphatec raw materials reliably cover the essential needs of cosmetic formulators: microbial stability, antioxidative stability as well as stability for emulsions and viscosity.

      Benefit from natural stability for modern cosmetics!

      Natural Multifunctionals

      Natural Alternative Preservatives

      Our most popular product range, which includes the raw materials we love the most: Sourced from 100 % natural and sustainable sources, bio-degradable and all approved by COSMOS. Cosphaderm® Natural Multifunctionals have strong antimicrobial activity and provide microbial stability for multiple personal care applications – although they are not listed as preservatives according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, they are the perfect replacement for traditional preservatives. Profit from excellent skin tolerance and additional functions that these raw materials provide.

      Cosphaderm® GMUD

      Cosphaderm® GMUD is made from natural undecylenic Acid linked to plant-based glycerol. It is a natural multifunctional compound with emollient, emulsifying and skin conditioning properties. Additionally, it can support antimicrobial product protection approaches with its mild surface activity and corresponding disruption of the microorganism’s membrane integrity. As an antimicrobial multifunctional, it is especially effective against yeasts and moulds.

      • Multifunctional with emollient, emulsifying, moisturizing, wetting and refatting properties
      • Strong antimicrobial efficacy against yeasts and moulds over a broad pH range up to 7.5
      • Can be applied to both oil and water phase
      • COSMOS approval
      • NATRUE approval
      • NON-GMO
      • RSPO
      • Vegan
      • Koscher
      • Halal
      ISO 16128
      Natural Index 0
      Natural Origin Index 1
      Glyceryl Undecylenate
      Castor oil, Rapeseed / Palm oil
      Efficacy Spectrum
      3.5 - 7.5
      Recommended concentration [%]
      0.10 - 0.70
      Substance Class
      • Antimicrobial
      • Emulsifying
      • Skin conditioning
      • Emollient
      Type of Formulation
      • O/W
      • W/O
      • Surfactant Based
      • Waterfree
      • Water-Based
      • Water-dispersible
      • Oil-soluble
      Waxy solid
      White to off-white
      Mild, characteristic
      Item No.
      CAS No.
      • 123759-97-7