The trend towards “natural” products and “organic” quality for consumers is unbroken and has now become established not only in the food sector but also in the cosmetics market. The market for natural and organic cosmetics is booming and consequently also requires concrete protection for consumers to avoid deception and misuse.

The NATRUE seal, developed in 2008, is awarded to organic and natural cosmetic products that contain only natural, certain nature-identical and near-natural raw materials for formulation. A large part of the products in the Cosphatec product portfolio is NATRUE-compliant and approved. Thus, we optimally support our customer in developing and manufacturing NATRUE-certified end products. A resulting possible product certification is then valid for two years.

RSPO becomes the standard

The two-year transitional period set since 2020, in which raw materials containing palmoil or palm kernel oil were declared as NATRUE-compliant with the Normal Standard or RSPO-certified, is ending. Now the approval and certification is linked to the RSPO certification. This means: From 01.01.2023, only RSPO-certified raw materials (at least MB Quality) can also receive approval or certification with the NATRUE seal. By 31 January 2024, formulated products that already bear the seal must be reformulated so that only ingredients with the NATRUE label are used in the manufacturing process. As an alternative, manufacturers can recognise the raw materials already used or have them certified.

We offer you a large assortment of NATRUE-compliant products. If you have specific questions about our products and their certifications, please take a look at our product portfolio or contact us.