Natural Stability for Modern Cosmetics

Alternative preservatives for modern natural cosmetics: Since the company was founded in 2005, the innovative Cosphatec GmbH has offered high-quality natural and sustainable raw materials for the cosmetics industry. With the new slogan ‘Natural Stability for Modern Cosmetics’, the company is underlining in its 15th business year that using synthetic raw materials for cosmetic products is an outdated practice. Natural alternatives which guarantee microbial and antioxidative stability, as well as stability for emulsions and viscosity, will dominate the market in the future. The nature inspired company relies entirely on the effectiveness of sustainable, skin-friendly raw materials. Man and nature are always at the centre of its activities.

The new design, the muted earthy colours and the new content reflect the natural aspect the company values so much and which embodies the corporate philosophy.

The newly created area with inspiring formulations is a central component of the updated brand image. Here, developers of cosmetic products can find inspiration or use an interesting formulation as a basis for discussion in order to work on individual solutions together with the experts from Cosphatec. The product portfolio for 2020 is now available to customers and enthusiasts in the new catalogue.

Stories for decision makers, developers and people interested in cosmetics

Also new are the Stories – the perfect area for all decision-makers, developers or people interested in cosmetics to find out about the latest developments and trends. Here, news about products and companies are published frequently, as well as articles worth reading about trends from research and industry. Also interesting facts from various subject areas relating to natural cosmetics and ingredients can be found there. For example, “How do you actually identify natural cosmetics?” or what distinguishes Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS from other mixtures of sodium levulinate and sodium anisate. If you would like to be regularly informed about new articles, you can subscribe to the newsletter and follow the Cosphatec newsfeed on LinkedIn.

For all partners and distributors of Cosphatec there is a new distributors area, where more detailed information about products is clearly arranged in a well-structured library. Here you will also find marketing and press information such as logos, images and press releases.