New Partnership with Canadian Distributor Andicor Specialty Chemicals

As the specialist for natural and sustainable raw materials in personal care we commit to new partnership with the Canadian company Andicor Specialty Chemicals.

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Andicor Specialty Chemicals as our exclusive distributor in Canada.

With Andicor as an industry leader in the sales and distribution of specialty chemicals and rigid packaging solutions across Canada, we aim to expand our portfolio of natural products and pass on our expertise and level of service quality in this area. As the specialist for natural and sustainable raw materials for cosmetic products we are continuously expanding our distributor network so any client in every market will not only have easily access to our products but also have a local contact to support them.

Our product portfolio

From the early beginnings we focus on natural stability in preservation systems for modern cosmetics. We are a nature-inspired company who rely entirely on the effectiveness of sustainable and skin-friendly raw materials. We are convinced that natural alternatives, which guarantee microbial and antioxidative stability as well as stability for emulsions and viscosity, will determine the market in the future! Being successful for 15 years and by seeing nature as the best teacher we strive to replace all synthetic or questionable cosmetic ingredients with natural alternatives. The an industry expert, we use biodegradable raw materials that come from sustainable and natural sources. These are tested according to highest German quality standards to guarantee the best possible effects on the skin.
All raw materials are vegan and contain no GMOs. Also, our core products are COSMOS-approved and the palm oil complies with RSPO standards. Our product range goes from natural multifunctionals and mild preservatives to antioxidants as well as natural emulsifiers and emollients. Furthermore, we offer not only actives but also natural thickening and gelling agents.

About Andicor Specialty Chemicals

Andicor’s mission is to be Canada’s leading distributor specialising in chemical and rigid packaging products. Both Andicor and us, Cosphatec, stand out from the competition in terms of exclusivity and excellent service. Since the founding of Andicor Specialty Chemicals in 2002 the company has experienced a steady growth, allowing them to expand into new market segments. Their portfolio is composed of complementary product lines to improve the performance of their customers’ products. By focusing on regulatory governance as well as on environmental concerns, Andicor and its partners have evolved with the changing of the landscape of the specialty chemical industry. Supported by a strategic warehousing network with an extensive product inventory across all markets, Andicor’s accessible and accountable sales team and well-regarded customer service are well positioned to exceed ever changing customer needs. 

Logo Andicor Specialty Chemicals

Benefit from natural stability for modern cosmetics!