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Quality assurance for your cosmetic products

A modern formulation must not only fulfil the growing expectations of consumers but above all guarantee the requirements for microbial stability.

Stability can be jeopardised by microbiological contamination that can occur during the manufacture of the product and, in particular, by the consumer himself. In order to ensure reliable preservation of your formulation in the event of possible microbial contamination, preservation efficacy tests are not only extremely important for the authorisation of cosmetic products, they are also required.

According to the European Cosmetics Regulation, the performance of preservative efficacy tests is mandatory as part of the safety assessment.



Challenge Test at Cosphatec: ISO 11930 and Ph. Eu. 5.1.3

We offer you precise challenge tests based on the established ISO 11930 and Ph. Eu. 5.1.3. methods.The two methods are different in terms of the test times and the acceptance criteria for the assessment levels.

The selection of the test method and the customisation of the preservation system are carried out individually according to the needs and preferences of our customers.

Challenge Test according to ISO 11930

ISO 11930 is an internationally accredited standard that defines the preservation efficacy test for cosmetic products. Our CFT according to ISO 11930 is widely accredited and offers you comprehensive control of the microbiological stability of your cosmetic products. The standard covers comprehensive test parameters, including bacteria, yeasts and moulds. The test evaluates bacteria from day 7, yeasts from day 7 with a slightly lower inoculation and moulds from day 14. Thanks to our transparent communication, you are always in control of the process.

pH. EU. 5.1.3: pH testing of cosmetic products

The standard pH. EU. 5.1.3., is a proven pharmaceutical method for testing the microbiological stability of non-sterile pharmaceutical products. This method can also be used for cosmetic products. The test evaluates bacteria at four test times and yeasts and moulds only after two weeks. The inoculation quantities vary between the test organisms and the two methods. The pH. EU. 5.1.3. sets stricter acceptance criteria for bacteria on day 2 and requires a higher log level reduction for yeasts and moulds.

Here you can find more information about the test methods.


Use our challenge-test-service: For customers, distributors and partners

Our challenge service is available for customers, distributors and project partners who wish to test formulations with our raw materials. We would like to point out that we cannot process requests for formulations without our products. Would you like to find out more about our high-quality raw materials for your formulations? We will be happy to advise you to ensure that your products also benefit from optimum microbiological stability.


How does the process work?

You send us your formulation – we take care of the rest. We will contact you as soon as the results of the preservation stress test are available. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on the results and any adjustments to your formulation.


When will I receive my test results?

Our preservation efficay test usually takes between four and six weeks. We will send you the results immediately and will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Still have questions?

Do you have further questions about our preservation efficacy test service or would you like detailed advice? Our experts are always at your disposal. Send us an e-mail to .
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Your benefits at a glance

Everything from a single source – Challenge tests according to ISO 11930 and pH. EU. 5.1.3.

Our specialised laboratory technicians offer both ISO 11930-compliant and pH. EU. 5.1.3.-compliant tests to ensure the stability of your cosmetic products. We take over the entire handling of your samples and present you with comprehensive reports and practical recommendations for action.


Customised consulting for your company

Our dedicated team takes care of all the details of your requirements and offers customised solutions.
We ensure that your company benefits from our expertise while meeting all quality standards.




“Fast and friendly service!”

“The results came on time as planned”

“The order was very easy”

“The advice on the results of the challange test was great”

Our challenge test service

Put your formulation through its paces with our challenge test service. Simply open the form, enter the precise ingredients, save and send to our team of experts. We are ready to process your enquiry immediately and will get back to you straight away.

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