MANUFACTURING PROCESS Phase A: Combine the ingredients of phase A. Raise the pH to 11 to dissolve Cosphagard® SA natural. When everything is dissolved, lower the pH back to 4-5 again. Phase B: Add all ingredients from phase B one after another. Adjust the pH to 4.0 ± 0.05. SPECIFICATION Appearance: Clear solution pH: 4.0 ± 0.05 Stability: Microbiological stability proven, no separation after centrhas not


Manufacturing Process Phase A: Add Allantoin to water and heat to 40 °C. Stir until complete dissolution. Add Glycerin and Cosphaderm® Propanediol natural. While stirring add Cosphaderm® X 34. Stir until complete dissolution. Then add Aristoflex® AVC and stir until complete dissolution. Phase B: Prepare phase B and separately heat phase A and phase B to 80 °C. Add phase B to phase A while stirring. has not


Manufacturing Process Phase A: Mix all ingredients together. Phase B: Slowly add Cosphaderm® X 34 and Aristoflex® AVC under vigorous stirring to phase A. Continue stirring for approx. 15 min at 500 rpm until complete dissolution. Then heat to 80 °C. Phase C: Mix all ingredients and heat to 80 °C. Add phase C to phase A+B and homogenise via vigorous stirring for approx. 10 min. Phase D: Add Cosphaderhas not


Manufacturing Process Phase A: Combine phase A and add determinalised water to phase A under stirring. Phase B: Add water. Phase C: Add Cosphaderm® POP and water-soluble perfume to phase A+B. Adjust the pH to 5.5 +_ 0.05. Specification Appearance: Translucent gel pH: 5.5 +_ 0.05 Stability: Microbiological stability proven, no separation after centrifugation (4000 rpm, 30 min)has not
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