In order to be able to provide our customers with the right raw materials from the outset, our sales and service experts offer detailed consultations. Our aim is to recommend the right raw materials for each formulation to all our customers.

We therefore consider both technical obstacles, such as interactions with other ingredients, and ideal requirements, such as a lack of genetic engineering or animal products. This enables us to find tailor-made, task-oriented solutions for our customers in order to ensure formulation stability.

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Research and Development

For us, responsibility for people and the environment begins when developing raw materials. That’s why our Research and Development Department is constantly on the lookout for new raw materials or undiscovered properties of well-known plants. The further development of existing raw materials provides additional motivation.

This results in high-quality blends that are both extremely effective and can be processed efficiently. Inspired by nature, we therefore achieve the best possible results for our customers and end users.


Our laboratory team is able to create optimal antimicrobial stability strategies for our customers’ formulations. As there is no universal preservation, our approach is individually adapted to each formulation. Our team uses cutting-edge methods and leads this field. This is the only way that each tailor-made natural preservative can meet our customers’ high demands.

Firstly, we regularly create framework formulations to inspire our customers. To do this, we perform extensive stability tests. Secondly, we retrospectively help our customers to stabilise their products – offering them the benefit of our expertise if necessary.

Quality Management and Production

We ourselves, our customers and end users have high quality standards. In order to meet these, both our internal and external processes are subject to rigorous quality checks. As well as our processes, our raw materials also require constant monitoring and review.

Dealing with natural products requires particular sensitivity. Because natural fluctuations in quality are entirely normal. The trick is to identify natural fluctuations in quality, counterbalance these and ensure consistently high quality in raw material production. Stringent sourcing and careful controls make this possible.


Firstly, we protect ourselves by means of internal quality management processes. Secondly, we undergo regular checks by external certification bodies. This enables us to ensure that our products conform to the standards of well-known quality seals. In order to significantly facilitate the certification of end products, we provide an appropriate verification service.

We attach great importance to providing regulatory support for all purchasing, production and sales processes. In addition, we undertake to carefully edit and update all our product documentation.