Cosphatec Code of Conduct

Since its founding in 2005, Cosphatec has set itself the objective of meeting the highest standards – at all levels and in all its activities. We set standards for ourselves, for example in terms of product quality, internal processes and our interaction with each other. And we also set standards for all the people, companies and institutions that work with us.

We have therefore been dealing with ecological, social and ethical issues for a long time. When putting these standards into everyday practice, however, it is not enough to simply act according to our own moral compass, because regulatory and statutory requirements have also steadily increased over time. Growing social awareness also calls for specific evidence, such as quality and certification labels.

While this pressure requires radical changes from many companies, Cosphatec has always implemented topics such as sustainability, fairness and quality with great conviction – not just because we have to. The Cosphatec Code of Conduct aims to make this way of thinking transparently clear. We therefore reach out to any like-minded companies – for close, trusting and long-term partnerships. In addition, we hereby publicly undertake to deal transparently and fairly with both nature and all people.

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From left to right: Frank (CEO) and Chris (CSR Manager)

Protecting human rights

Protecting human rights is of the highest importance for us, for example by rejecting forced labour, child labour, exploitation, human trafficking, discrimination and deprivation of liberty.

We stand for security and physical integrity, for freedom of thought, conscience and religion, for the right to freedom of expression and for freedom of association and assembly. In this context we take a stand for diversity and reject any form of discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment or coercion.

Appreciation and motivation

Another important theme for us is health and safety in the workplace. We take numerous measures to protect the physical well-being of all employees, service providers and partners.

In addition, we offer a high level of workplace flexibility, which includes remote working, flexible working hours and part-time working. Employment contracts are formulated in a fair way, and we either avoid the need for overtime or recompense it. Cosphatec also places a great deal of trust and appreciation in its employees.

Responsibility for people and nature

Naturally, we comply with environmental laws, but we also go significantly further in many areas. We are committed to supporting biodiversity and focus on products made from renewable raw materials with the COSMOS, NATRUE, RSPO and Bio certifications. We organise our daily work according to eco-friendly criteria. We categorically reject animal experiments. Our aim is to completely avoid animal testing. We therefore always consider and invariably prefer alternatives that have not been tested on animals.

We are committed to always dealing with our partners, customers, suppliers and service providers in a fair, solution-based and trusting manner and in a spirit of partnership. We are therefore unequivocally opposed to price dumping, fraudulent activities, corruption and dishonest conduct, as well as to playing one party off against the other.

Ensuring quality and keeping information secure

To ensure product safety and quality, we work with a comprehensive quality management system. For example, Cosphatec has its own laboratory with extensive analysis capabilities that exceed market standards. We also maintain a culture of open, proactive communication should problems arise. When dealing with data and information, the strictest rules on data protection and information security apply. We always comply with the law and the GDPR.

Cosphatec is continuously changing. Which is why we ensure cross-organisational sensitivity for the values we have set down in the Cosphatec Code of Conduct. Like our company itself, our measures and our Code will continue to develop as an ongoing process.